CUSA & Administration Dialogue on Safe Reopening - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly Chezum
Welcome to Tonight's CUSA and Administration Open Forum on a safe reopening.
Kelly Chezum
Please leave additional questions here or in the Q & A. What we don't get to tonight, we will post in our FAQ sections at http://www.clarkson.edu/future-ready
Kelly Chezum
We look forward to seeing you all in August!
Cathy McNamara
Hello, Doug posted a question about schedules. For returning students, schedules have been posted. New students schedules will be posted early August. You will be able to view your schedule in myCU.
Robyn Hannigan
For first year students, registrar confirmed this afternoon they will be running the schedules tomorrow so you should be able to see them in the afternoon.
Avery Paradis
Hi Taylor Converse, speaking specifically from CUSA, I know that we intend on surveying students on what sort of events they would like to see soon. There will also hopefully be more guidance for clubs coming soon what sort of events they can hold that we help encourage the planning of fun things like games and tournaments outside, events online etc
Bre Hamilton
Also to ad on to that response, CUSA is open to accepting ideas from the students for ideas they have for events that would fall in those guidelines
Avery Paradis
Robyn Hannigan
We also have 2 days set aside as 'field days' (Sept 25 and Oct 22) which will be campus wide event days, all ideas welcome!!!
Avery Paradis
Arin, the testing window is within 7 days of returning
Avery Paradis
Good questions Shawn and Robert, will be answered momentarily
Avery Paradis
Just wanted to remind everyone that any questions not answered tonight will be answered in a follow up email, just be sure to add them to the Q&A section!
Joshua Fiske
Jacob, you’ll see more info about the app that will be used for health screening and scheduling of testing in the coming days. We are still working with the Broad Labs to configure and deploy the app that they have recommended. Please note that we are not conducting any location or proximity tracking with the app.
Troy Lassial
Hi PJ - Yes that would include the theme houses.