Faculty Session with Students & Families - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly Chezum
The staff in Student Affairs and Residence Life are combining the questions from last Wednesday and Friday's webinars and working on building the FAQ to those right now.
Kelly Chezum
I believe she has not yet shared her screen.
Kelly Chezum
Thank you all for sharing.
Krista Larock Wells
Freshmen schedules will be available no later than August 7th, although we are working to release them sooner if possible.
Kelly Chezum
For the question on club sports, right now no games or scrimmages have been scheduled. All clubs have a travel form to submit to Student Affairs for review about the plans to stay in the region.
Robyn Hannigan
All lectures will be recorded so that they can be watched live as well as accessed at a different time if a student is ill
Robyn Hannigan
Students will be able to reserve outside and inside spaces to meet with fellow students to do group work under physical distancing
Sean Banerjee
For my courses there are no textbooks.
Kelly Chezum
Students will be able to reserve outside and inside spaces to meet with fellow students to do group work under physical distancing. paces in the ERC will be set up for social distancing allowing small groups of students to safely work together
Laura Ettinger
In my course, History of Public Health in America, there are no textbooks. All readings will be available online.
Sean Banerjee
Re: whether I teach freshman aero courses. I do not, I used to teach CS141 which was taken by many aero students. However, I run a massive research group (25-30 undergrads across all majors) so please reach out to me to discuss co-curricular opportunities.
Joshua Fiske
Minimum computer recommendations: https://confluence.clarkson.edu/display/OITKB/Minimum+Computer+Specifications
Krista Larock Wells
Students can view who their SAS Rep is at this link: https://www.clarkson.edu/student-administrative-services-sas/our-staff
Kelly Chezum
deanofstudents@clarkson.edu for COvid-19 Emergency Relief Fund supported by Clarkson Alumni
Kelly Chezum
Please also reach out to deanofstudents@clarkson.edufor information about testing if you are quarantining as part of the Travel Advisory issued by NYC